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Our Barcode software solutions help clients to eliminate manual spreadsheets, audit and manage stocks and inventory into a single dashboard

Growing companies have common challenges in tracking and controlling their stocks and inventory, as the increasing quantity of SKUs and items reflects on longer audit procedures and inaccurate or missing data. A system of Barcodes, Readers (Mobile or Handheld with our APP) and our management software (Cube Inventory) provides streamlined data collection of inventory and structure digital reporting on the item’s quantity, descriptive (images, SKU, classifications, etc.), location, status, history of changes, and so on.

CPCON’s Cube Inventory management system is an open-source software that establishes communication between the Reader’s Mobile APP (field data) and system’s management dashboard (uploads & digital reports). Barcode tracking of inventory and stocks helps managers to identify shortages, quickly respond to orders, enjoy customizable report generation, and eliminate information bottlenecks.

System Features

Mobile Ready APP

– Cube Inventory Mobile APP is a software application suitable for Android, Tablets and Handheld Readers to perform inventory audits, check-in/out and reconciliation, take physical counts and enter associated information, store and forward online/offline data to dashboard. This application can be used to scan and print Barcodes tags.

Dashboard Creation

– Our web-based Cube Inventory Management Dashboard allows users to view and manage updated inventory data, trace item’s history, issue automatic notifications, assign items to employees, and generate discrepancy and custom reports, from anywhere. The system has flexible integration with other enterprise applications, such as ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, IBM Maximo, etc.). Cloud-based or self-hosted solutions are available.

Set Roles to Employees

– You may easily check-in/out items to an employee, manage inventory routes, add and set functions to as many users as you need.

Check-In and Check-out Items

– From arrival to inventory departure, you may create and manage a check-in and check-out process of items to record and ensure every interaction is properly executed. Generate a general check-out report to further analyze current entry data and turnover.

Data Import

– CSV files or Excel spreadsheets can be used to upload and add information on the items’ database.

Barcode Scanning

– Conduct internal audits and instantly update field information by scanning the item’s tagged barcode. Stay in control of your inventory and stocks.

Custom Fields

– Create an unlimited number of custom fields to enter additional information.


– Our system encompasses SSL data encryption that ensures data transfers from hardware to servers are safe and protected.

Rest API

– Our system has a simple and reliable API service to directly integrate with any enterprise (ERP) systems like SAP, Oracle, IBM (etc.).

Software-as-a-Service (SAAS)

– We have monthly and annual licenses on our Cube Inventory Mobile APP and Management Software. DEMOs are available upon request.

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Barcode Inventory Management System

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Barcode Inventory Management System

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Barcode Inventory Management System
Barcode Inventory Management System


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Barcode Inventory Management System