Fixed Asset Tracking

Fixed Asset Tracking

Streamline your Assets Management, Increase your Database Accuracy and Meet Audit Standards

Eliminate messy spreadsheets, automate physical inventories and reconciliation procedures with the CPCON Fixed Asset Tracking software and services.

Company Overview

Our firm has a global presence trusted by +2,000 organizations from Fortune 500 to small-sized businesses. We’re composed of well-versed and dedicated professionals that serve various industries from offices throughout the world, which is supported by our accomplishments.



Fixed assets inventoried, tagged & reconciled


Assets Connected using RFID


Assets Tagged with Barcodes


Property Assets Appraised


Years of Experience

Fixed Assets Inventory, Tagging and Reconciliation

With focus on a precise data collection and comprehensive reporting, our vast experience and meticulous approach helps the departments of Accounting, Technical support and Management to receive a cleansed fixed asset register and structured life cycle inventory, followed by reconciling the inventory to the fixed asset accounting records. We deliver accurate, complete and standardized baseline inventory data, as well associating the data to a unique asset tag number (barcode, RFID, etc). Promoting an improved financial supervision, regulatory compliance and risk management.

Asset Valuation

Our well-versed professionals routinely assist clients with the valuation of tangible and intangible assets for every industry by performing onsite physical inspections and estimating depreciation from physical, functional, technological, and economic factors. As well as undertaking detailed physical inventories of a company’s fixed assets, if requested.

Cube Asset Tracking Software

From the date of acquisition to retirement, the CPCON group can assist you in connecting and keeping track of your assets. Our Asset Tracking software helps management to eliminate manual tracking (spreadsheet) and reporting by creating real-time overview of the asset levels and configurable reports, charts and notifications about the on-going results from physical inventory. The software has an easy integration with leading ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, Sage, etc.) to ensure proper communication and information exchange between internal auditors and the accounting department of the organization. The software includes, at minimum, the following asset attributes verified and reconciled to the property record: model, brand, photo, asset type, asset condition, serial number, asset ID, location (Building, Room, Department, Custodian, Company), and custom field!


Increase data integrity, reduce erros and make data entry faster.

Use mobile devices (Android or Tablets) to entry data (descriptions, location, ID, photos, etc.) about your assets.

Use custom fields to record more information about your assets.

Generate tax and insurance savings.

Streamline your next asset inventory up to 70% and reclaim time spent on manual labor-intensive procedures.

Store and forward data with no need of internet connection.

Save time and resources taking physical inventories.

Maintain SOX, IFRS and Internal regulatory compliance.

100% Automatic Reporting

Our Services

Fixed Asset Tracking
Fixed Asset Tracking
Fixed Asset Tracking

Assets Inventory, Tagging and Reconciliation.

Off-site Quality Assurance Team.

Machinery and Equipment Valuation.

Fixed Asset Tracking
Fixed Asset Tracking
Fixed Asset Tracking

Tracking Software Deployment & Integration to ERP.

Design and Rollout of RFID solutions.

Top-quality procurement for Asset labels (Barcode or RFID) & Readers.

Fixed Asset Tracking
Fixed Asset Tracking
Fixed Asset Tracking

Modeling of Asset Life-cycle Structure

Cost Segregation.

Cost Componentization

Trusted by +2,000 organizations​

Fixed Asset Tracking

RFID Assets Tracking – Case Study​

Success with the Banking-sector​

This story of an extraordinary 10-month RFID Deployment project for a Federal Bank in which the CPCON Group undertook the Assets Inventory, RFID Tagging and Reconciliation of 1.8+ MM assets distributed across 5,500 different municipalities. The project also included the end-to-end implementation of Cube RFID Tracking System integrated to SAP AM & AA Modules, generating automatic reports, charts and notifications about the real-time asset inventory levels throughout the banking stores, datacenters, corporate offices (etc.).

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Fixed Asset Tracking
Fixed Asset Tracking


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Fixed Asset Tracking