Cleanse and eliminate ghost assets with Property Tax
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Our ghost-asset studies help your company to maximize permanent tax benefits by identifying and eliminating ghost assets from their fixed asset ledger

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Ghost Asset Studies

Trust and transparency

With industry-leading technology managed by CPCON's team of Experts, you can trust that your financial records are accurate.
Ghost Asset Studies

Reliable and right

Run financial reporting and regulatory compliance with confidence, with fortified and up-to-date Fixed Asset Register.
Ghost Asset Studies

Reduced tax and insurance costs

Past customers have saved up to 20% in property taxes and may have seen an immediate ROI!

Quality financial reporting - Fixed Asset Register Clean Up!

Our Asset Register reconciliation solution helps you to assure the fixed asset register best reflects the property, account and/or business. With accurate and timely data, you can report a true picture of your financial records, allowing you to maximize significant property tax and insurance savings.

Unrecorded retirements / ghost assets review

CPCON’s industry-leading Fixed Asset Advisory team, combined with the power of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution, can give you review active assets and remove unrecorded retirements / ghosts assets (disposed assets) and their corresponding cost, promoting a sound asset records for financial reporting and tax deduction implications.

Ghost Asset Studies
Ghost Asset Studies

Capitalization policy analysis

Our Fixed Asset Advisory team identifies the company’s capitalization threshold, generally $1,000 or $5,000 on a cost basis, to ensure any assets which fall below the capitalization policy can be removed from the asset listing, and going forward, that those items can be expensed and not capitalized.

Asset description preparation / consolidation

Our dedicated team utilizes from extensive project planning and advanced data collection technology to conduct a full physical inventory – that records all asset descriptive (name, manufacturer, model, and serial number) and locational information possible.


Following that, we assist clients with reconciliation and ERP updating services. This consists of populating the reconciled inventory data to the client’s existing ERP system (SAP, Oracle, IBM Maximo, etc.), improving limited asset descriptions and vague General Ledger (GL) codes and descriptions.


Each year, we provide asset inventory services to hundreds of clients for manufacturers, telecommunication leaders, healthcare systems, technology companies, and governments

Ghost Asset Studies
Ghost Asset Studies

Useful life / depreciation studies - Asset Status

Our Fixed Asset Advisory team have deep experience in on-site verification of physical aspects / condition of equipment and machinery to assess the asset status, and review useful lives and depreciation. Our team analyzes both the economic and physical life of the property assets, while taking into consideration many factors including research on current technology, current and expected capacity, expectations on future maintenance capital expenditures, and reliability data.


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Ghost Asset Studies
Ghost Asset Studies
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Ghost Asset Studies
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