In compliance with the website privacy policy, CPCON Group is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of our customers. Information is collected and managed in the following ways:

Automatic data is obtained through cookies and other tracking methods to log user activity. This information is used to enhance user experience and marketing efforts. There are options to reject cookies and other tracking methods, though this will hinder personalization of the shopping experience, as well as some site features.

Manual data is entered by the customer on the site, such as shipping and billing information, and product searches. This information is logged by CPCON Group, and may be shared internally or with third party services for purposes including, but not limited to, query logging, sales analysis, targeted re-marketing, and user experience improvements.

Email addresses are entered at the time of purchase. Customers may choose to opt out of promotional emails at that time. Emails may be subject to data and interaction tracking as well.

Orders require the entry of financial information at the time of checkout. To complete the transaction, this information may be transmitted to the responsible credit card company, as well as other payment processing intermediaries.

California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018: In compliance with CCPA,CPCON Group customers have rights within their accounts to obtain or tailor information that is shared. Send an email to [email protected], in order to complete a form that prevents sharing of personal data with companies that are not CCPA compliant.

Third Party Services: information shared with third party services may be subject to their terms and privacy policies.

Please contact our customer support with any questions regarding our privacy policies.

Privacy policy is subject to change without notice. For updates, refer back to this page.

Revised 05/13/22