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An efficient maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) inventory management is a critical factor that drives supply chain and procurement performance in the organization. However, poor MRO material records – including missing parts information, duplicate entries, and inconsistent codes – placed in EAM and ERP systems overwhelms managers and technicians and challenges the organization’s supply chain, accounting, procurement and maintenance operations.

CPCON draw upon deep experience, well-versed professionals and leading technology to review, cleanse, classify and standardize new and duplicate MRO material data records, as well as featuring easy integration with market-leading EAM or ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, IBM Maximo, Sage, etc.). Improving data visibility required to streamline inventory, supply chain and asset management. Other benefits include accurate EAM reporting and analysis, structured bill of materials, reduced operational downtime, and full visibility of stockroom.

We also provide onsite inventory counts and reconciliation services to capture nameplate information and images, and collect and verify item descriptions – such as, brand, manufacturer, serial number (etc.). Our team focus on accurate data collection to assist clients in developing streamlined hierarchy and establishing the corresponded classification, codes, barcoding, categories, criticalities, and so on.

These services include

Data Capture and Physical Inventory

Validation of Manufacturers and Part Numbers

Utilize Mobile Technology with Our Inventory Software to Optimize Data Integrity

Tagging (RFID or Barcoding) and Shelf Labelling

Storeroom Layout Reconfiguration

Data Cleanup and Enrichment

Multilingual Support available

Full integration with client ERP or EAM systems like SAP, Oracle, Sage, IBM Maximo, etc

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FAQs on MRO Data Cleansing and Standardization Services

As you conclude your exploration of MRO operations, our FAQ section offers clarity on pivotal topics. Delve into the nuances of Material Master, Data Enrichment, ERP/EAM/CMMS systems, and Data Governance.
Further, gain insights on Spend Analytics, Business Intelligence, and effective measures against Data Duplication, all tailored to empower your informed decisions.

MRO Data Cleansing and Standardization Services

It’s the process of reviewing and correcting MRO data records to ensure accuracy, consistency, and quality.

Standardization ensures that data is consistent and easily interpretable, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making

It can improve record accuracy, reduce duplications, enhance supply chain efficiency, and support better business decisions.

It’s an optimized and standardized database that serves as the primary reference for an organization’s MRO data needs.

AI technology can automate the identification and correction of errors, assist in data classification and standardization, and enhance the overall efficiency of the cleansing process.

A Material Master is a comprehensive record in a database that contains detailed information about a specific material or product, including its specifications, supplier details, and other relevant data.

Data Enrichment involves adding value to the existing MRO data by incorporating additional, relevant information, ensuring that the data is comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date.

Consistent Data Quality ensures that MRO operations are based on accurate and reliable information, leading to better decision-making, reduced operational risks, and improved efficiency.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), and CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) are software systems that organizations use to manage their MRO data, track assets, schedule maintenance, and optimize inventory.

Data Taxonomy provides a structured classification system for MRO data, ensuring that data is organized, easily retrievable, and consistent across the organization.

While Data Taxonomy provides a hierarchical structure for organizing MRO data, Data Classification involves categorizing the data based on specific criteria, such as material type, supplier, or usage.

Data Governance involves establishing policies, procedures, and standards to ensure that MRO data is accurate, consistent, secure, and used appropriately within the organization.

Spend Analytics provide insights into an organization’s expenditure on MRO activities, helping identify cost-saving opportunities, optimize procurement strategies, and manage suppliers effectively.

Business Intelligence tools analyze MRO data to provide actionable insights, trends, and patterns, enabling organizations to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and predict future needs.

Data Duplication can lead to inconsistencies, increased storage costs, and incorrect decision-making. It can also result in overstocking or understocking of materials, impacting operational efficiency.

Comprehensive MRO Data Cleansing and Standardization Services: Your One-Stop Solution

We understand that efficient MRO data management is crucial for any business’s success. That’s why we offer a complete package of services tailored to meet your specific needs:

  • Data Audit and Analysis: We assess the quality of your MRO data and provide a detailed report.
  • New Material Catalog Creation: We develop customized catalogs for new materials, ensuring consistency and efficiency.
  • Legacy MRO Data Cleansing, Classification, and Enrichment: We go beyond mere cleansing, offering data classification and enrichment as well.
  • Taxonomy Implementation and Training: We provide specialized training to ensure your team knows how to keep the data organized.
  • Warehouse Inspections and Inventory Tracking: We conduct detailed warehouse inspections to ensure data accuracy.
  • Integration with Major EAM/CMMS/ERP Systems: We facilitate data upload to any major system like SAP, Maximo, and Oracle.
  • MRO Data Governance: We implement policies and procedures to ensure long-term data integrity.

Why Choose Our Services? Our approach is unique because we integrate advanced technology with data management expertise to deliver solutions that truly make a difference

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MRO Data Cleansing and Standardization Services
MRO Data Cleansing and Standardization Services


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MRO Data Cleansing and Standardization Services