Commercial Staff Support Services

As a dedicated partner, CPCON has assisted more than 2,000 organizations with experienced teams and staff support services to ensure store performance.

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Enhance your staff performance and in-house productivity with leading seasonal staff solutions

Organizations have dedicated and well-trained labor resources to ensure warehouse and store productivity, throughout the seasonal or annual periods. However, the increasing number of stores, stock and inventory items require effective management of recruiting, training, and human resources. This can be challenging and expensive during competitive hiring seasons.

As a dedicated partner, CPCON has supported more than 2,000 organizations with project management, support staff services and inventory solutions. Experienced CPCON teams ensure your seasonal project workflows are more accurate and efficient, through centralized communication and flexible scheduling. By outsourcing the seasonal staff support to CPCON, warehouses and retailers can increase management efficiency, workflow performance and generate cost-savings during the season rush.

Commercial Staff Support Services
Commercial Staff Support Services

Our services include:

  • Experienced network of team leaders and members support at a national scale
  • Customized project planning and management
  • Flexible schedule, supervision, and trained labor resources
  • Centralize communication to ensure full visibility
  • Inventory Audits
  • Data delivered in layout required to populate inventory management system, ERP or WMS systems

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