Automated Warehouse
Inventory with RFID

CPCON’s RFID Inventory Management Software and Advisory Services help you cut management costs, increase productivity, and digitize your Warehouse Management.

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Headquartered in New York, our CPCON is an industry leader in Warehouse Management Advisory Services, providing our clients
with data collection technology, inventory management and control solutions, and automated tools needed for Warehouse Management

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APP for Warehouse RFID processes

Inventory Cycle Counting goes from hours to minutes with RFID Count!

Barcodes and manual processes affect the frequency basis of inventory cycles counts, as there are high management costs associated with it… RFID Count scans items and update data in Bulk!

Tracking the warehouse inventory using RFID will speed up your inventory data collection process and improve stock accuracy.
Allowing you to accelerate the frequency of taking physical inventories, save management costs, and increase working capital.

Automated Warehouse Inventory Management with RFID

Our Features

Assisted Counting

This feature shows the warehouse associates how far they’re in the counting process. After the count, the inventory reports are immediately generated and available in Dashboard for reconciliation and benchmarking.

Accurate Inventory Data

With CPCON’s RFID Warehouse, managers and organizations can improve their inventory accuracy to over 98%. This raises management efficiency, enables loss prevention, and enhances inventory reconciliation.

Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Connect your inventory data and create item-level visibility in real-time. Our multi-user application can provider intelligent stock takes and reporting, while not replacing any management systems, shopify, WMS, or ERP systems.

Search & Identify

Warehouse associates can use the RFID application to quickly search and locate the item within the stockroom. Addressing the long hours of searching pallets and items.


After the RFID Count, the Warehouse RFID Inventory app highlights the found or missing items – with the option of having pictures attached – that are available on the supplier’s database. Allowing a faster refill process.

Receive & Ship

The Warehouse RFID Inventory application can also be used to receive and verify the inventory items by comparing the items against an Advance Shipping Notice (ASN)

Warehouse RFID Web

CPCON’s Warehouse RFID Web highlights the diferences in inventory data between the WMS / ERP / Inventory Management System and the RFID Cycles Counts (performed using the RFID APP), while suggesting reconciliation updates through a direct interface integration. This gives you a full overview of current and historical RFID Inventory Cycles Counts.

  • Dashboard Creation
  • Bulk Data Entry / RFID Counts
  • Bulk Item Check in / Out
  • Detailed Backlogs / History of Item Movement
  • Run Inventory Reports
Automated Warehouse Inventory Management with RFID

Our Solutions and Professional Services

Search & Identify
Conduct a physical inventory count of your entire Warehouse.

Inventory Cycle Counts
We provide staff support, management and implementation of cycle counts to free up your resources for other operations.

Sale and Lease of Data
We cover your data collection needs for both RFID and Barcoding.

RFID Software Solutions

Automate Inventory Cycle Counts and Improve Data Accuracy

RFID Warehouse Inventory Web
Highlights and update inventory discrepancies to real inventory data.

Developer Support (integrations)
Easily integrate with your WMS, ERP or any Inventory Management System.

Self and Cloud-based Host Options

RFID Design

Implementation Support
We help you optimize any RFID project and focus on actual returns.

RFID Labels / Tags Brokerage Service
Find the right RFID hardware manufacturer for your project.

Technical Training
Management and implementation of the warehouse RFID inventory solution.

Automated Warehouse Inventory Management with RFID

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Digitizing your Warehouse Inventory Control with the RFID System provides item-level inventory visibility and analytics, tracking management costs and efficiency, visualizing product opportunities or information bottlenecks (gaps), and creating KPIs on inventory management.

  • Statistical and Inventory Reports
  • Run Discrepancy Reports
  • Detailed Backlog / History of Item Movement
  • Purchase Order Reports
  • Configurable and Customizable Reports

Gain Competitive Advantage

Barcode and spreadsheets require hours of manual inventory data entry that may cause labor inefficiencies and inaccurate data for your distributors or resellers… RFID tagging and labelling your inventory will allow your customers to capture, check-in and record items in bluk.

  • Automated Data Capture
  • Bulk Item Check-In
  • Attack Pictures of your Inventory Items
  • Create Sales Channel (APP)
  • Generate ROI
Automated Warehouse Inventory Management with RFID

Plans & Pricing

Our End-to-end Warehouse RFID Inventory Solution can be either fully subscription-based (SaaS) or o ne-time implementation
along with the support services fee. That is, all plans have either a subscription fee per month or fixed fee stockroom / store which
covers a bundle of software, installation, features, support, and profesional services.

Automated Warehouse Inventory Management with RFID

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Automated Warehouse Inventory Management with RFID

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Trusted by 2,000+ Organizations, CPCON is a global leader in Warehouse Management Advisory services, providing inventory control solutions and automated tools needed for warehouse Management.

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