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CPCON presents you with top-end fixed asset advisory services to improve your organizational financial health and compliance. We understand the gravity of fixed asset management services and with our premium fixed asset advisory services, we offer you customized advisory solutions that promise you an advanced output by ensuring the optimization of asset value, accurate fixed asset tracking, and compliance with regulations. Our experienced service expert advisors will provide you with advanced strategies and guidance as a part of our Fixed Asset Management Services. So that you can avail yourself of the benefits of asset value maximization and risk minimization. Choose CPCON fixed asset advisory for acquiring the first-class solutions 

Track and Manage Your Fixed Assets

Historically, organizations have accounting and operational challenges associated with their fixed asset management services, internal controls, financial reporting, and regulatory compliance. Both rely on accurate information about their fixed asset existence to account for, identify, and control their property assets. Our well-versed professionals have deep experience and industry knowledge to assist clients with Fixed Asset Tagging, internal planning, fixed asset tracking, audit efforts, and all other fixed asset services.

Full enterprise physical inventory and reconciliation of the assets to their fixed asset accounting ledger will support corporate decision-makers and managers in satisfying external audit, regulatory standards, and financial reporting requirements. These verify the existence of their fixed assets, properly identifying any transfers, misclassifications, and ghost assets, which maintains a complete record of their fixed assets, lowers property taxes, and improves capital budgeting.

Cost segregation studies allow organizations to maximize tax deduction opportunities in which construction-in-progress projects and depreciation are segregated into proper building and equipment accounts. We have deep technical and industry knowledge of engineering, construction, valuation, and regulatory compliance to advise our clients on whether they may claim potential accelerated depreciation. 

As the leading independent advisor, CPCON provides expert guidance in fixed asset management services, including fixed asset listing diagnosis, fixed asset cleans and reconciliation, Asset Tagging Services, asset inventory, and componentization, cost segregation studies, Fixed Asset Tracking, and valuation and appraisal consulting, as well as implementing the best-practices approaches to fixed asset management policies and procedures. In addition, we develop fixed asset management systems with dynamic RFID technology to streamline asset audits and increase visibility. 

Our IT Consulting team delivers the reconciled inventory data in the layout required to populate an ERP system or IT Asset Management system. As well as creating an interface with the client’s backend system, if needed.

Fixed Asset Advisory
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Fixed Asset Management and Advisory Solutions

CPCON Premium Advisory Services

Fixed Asset Inventory and Reconciliation

As a part of our Inventory services, we will perform a deep inventory appraisal and resolve the mismatches by ensuring perfection in the asset records and compliance with the regulatory framework.

IT Asset Inventory Management

Our IT asset management solutions will provide you with Fixed Asset Tracking and management. We will ensure security and affordability along with compliance.

Fixed Asset Reconciliation

We are equipped with expertise in the process of reconciliation. We will identify and rectify the mismatches in compliance with the assets and their records or data so that it will lead to the enhancement of financial accuracy and remove the errors.

Property Tax Solutions

From our property tax solutions, you will get the assistance of an expert to optimize the property tax assessment. It will also allow you to decrease the liabilities of the tax by making sure it is following local regulations.

Baseline Asset Inventory and Tagging

Our baseline Asset Inventory and Tagging service will provide you with a baseline inventory of your assets, by executing Asset Tagging Services systems for Fixed Asset Tracking and more simple identification. 

Machinery and Equipment Valuation

CPCON Machinery Equipment Valuation Services helps you with Asset Valuation Services and Asset Appraisal Services. Our fixed asset appraisals will provide you with a comprehensive report on your net asset values and will be beneficial for you to make the right decisions in the future for sales and insurance purposes etc.

Cost Segregation Studies

With our cost segregation studies, you can maximise tax savings by recognizing your short-term assets, catalyzing tax reductions for depreciation, and optimizing tax relief.

Property Record Outsourcing

CPCON is always with you to manage your property records by ensuring accurate and up-to-the-minute records. We will handle your resources with perfection for your future business activities.
Fixed Asset Advisory

Why Choose Fixed Asset Management Services?

CPCON is your ultimate partner of Fixed Asset Management Services with our excellence in the performances of Fixed Asset Tracking, Fixed Asset Tagging, and other Fixed Asset Services. We are filled with expertise and experienced professionals in different asset tagging services, taxation, fixed asset services, and compliance. We offer you custom-built solutions in line with the unique needs of your organization by promising the highest efficiency and maximum value. From stock control to tax efficiency, we promise you a complete fixed asset management service to help you cope with the challenges of today’s market. Apart from all this, we have a proven history of excellence with our satisfied clients. We promise you the best output out of your expectations. 

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Yes. CPCON fixed asset management services help you in asset management processes, strengthen compliance, minimize risks, and fine-tune the asset value and thereby it will lead to the development of the company’s financial and organizational health.
We are equipped with experienced professionals to not to compromise the quality of our services. Our team makes use of advanced technologies along with this expertise to conduct auditing procedures and assessments to reconcile the mismatches.
Of course yes. CPCON is always open to assist you with custom build solutions as per your specific needs. Our services always follow your goals and industry regulations.
Let’s discuss about how we can help account for, track and manage your fixed assets