Warehouse Inventory Solution

We’re an industry leader in providing clients with the physical inventory og their entire warehouse, automated tools, and data colection technologies

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Enhance Your Physical Inventory Procedures

Supply chain management have challenges with the quality of the inventory data on raw materials, work-in-process, and finished goods. Frequent cloud-migrations and poor documentation of stock movements may lead to inaccurate inventory data and locational info, which causes internal errors and delays in distribution channels.

CPCON has executed over 1,000 engagements in full wall-to-wall inventories, assisting management and associates with the implementation of best practices approaches to inventory management. Our team has deep experience, technical and industry knowledge in creating efficient physical inventory programs, software solutions and automated tools to ensure clients receive a cleansed and fortified data on their parts inventory.

Warehouse Inventory Solution
Warehouse Inventory Solution

Our services include:

  • Full wall-to-to inventory (SSAE 16 and CPA accepted)
  • Comprehensive and customized project planning
  • Dynamic RFID (or barcode) inventory methodologies
  • Utilization of handheld data collection with inventory software to optimize data integrity
  • Off-site quality assurance to review variances, validate accuracy and adjust accordingly
  • Data delivered in the layout required to populate database or other systems (ERP or WMS)
  • Dashboard creation, data collection app, inventory management software solutions, and advisory services (if requested)

Cloud Management and Monitoring

Some of the benefits of the ESL system include digital transformation – the digital labels eliminate manual efforts in tagging, data collection, and data reporting -, automated product prices (error-free), optimized stock control – update stock availability and inventory information in real-time, as customers check out your products -, increased sales through brand awareness or ads creation, generated cost-savings in tagging and inventory practices, and implemented power of data analytics – customize reports and data visualization on customer behavior using the ESL software.

Warehouse Inventory Solution

Our services include:

  • Dynamic Electronic Shelf Pricing (digital pricing) methodologies
  • Comprehensive and customized project planning
  • Customized software development and dashboard creation
  • Digital price tagging solutions
  • System installation and maintenance services
  • Physical inventory and tagging services
  • Subscription-basis (SAAS) software is available

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