A Banking leader improved IT asset visibility

Identification and tracking of IT assets and stock items using fixed RFID antennas infrastructure at critical access points reflected on improved inventory visibility and loss prevention program

A Banking leader improved IT asset visibility

Call for a Change

A global Banking leader with operations in virtually every country in the Americas, from the United States to Brazil, and over 15,000 employees was challenged by manual IT asset management and tracking using spreadsheets and barcodes. 


IT asset identification and tracking processes were manual, technology systems were not integrated, and data was not collected and monitored in a consistent way. The organization needed the right technology and a better IT asset management program to improve inventory visibility and loss prevention programs


To resolve challenges in visibility and internal controls over IT assets, CPCON’s IT Asset Advisory team was engaged to design and implement the RFID Tracking infrastructure to monitor item check ins / out, inventory and stock levels, while keeping track of all detailed logs of item movement (and custody).

A Banking leader improved IT asset visibility

When advisory and tech-driven solutions meet internal controls and loss prevention

CPCON assisted the Banking’s management with the physical inventory, tagging and reconciliation of 500+ items to implement a RFID Tracking infrastructure at critical access points for the IT Asset Management and Tracking program.

IT Asset Inventory and Tagging

Conducted a physical asset inventory, RFID tagging and reconciliation of more than 500+ items in existence across different cost centers. All included photographic documentation.

Custom RFID Tagging (Tamper-proof)

Designed and printed a custom-made RFID Tag – that issued alerts and notifications when removed – to affix and track all IT assets, such as mobile phones, laptops, servers, etc..

Hands-Free IT Asset Tracking

Developed a IT asset management program that consists of deploying integrated systems of Security, Facilities and IT staff to identify, manage and track their assets in existence – and its time-stamped, user-stamped logs of movement – using fixed RFID antennas installed at critical access points. Eliminating manual stocktaking to save staff time and increase visibility.

RFID-Enabled Locker 

Implemented RFID lockers to keep track of high value IT assets, which identified and logged items as they are removed or returned by whom and at what time, with RFID enabled lockers.

A value difference

The leading Banking company has improved asset reutilization by 25% with a new foundation of real-time asset visibility


Hours of physical inventory and reconciliation saved with hands-free RFID Tracking and data-driven insights to improve IT asset management


Asset reutilized, up to 25%, that reduced unnecessary acquisitions.


Improved in Loss Prevention accuracy


ESG Visibility for Asset Reutilization and Retirements